Youth Rehabilitation Services


Site Based Services


Channel Marker staff work closely with the child, family, therapist, school personnel and other involved community agencies to assess the child’s needs. Through these collaborations, staff develop goals to address areas of need, provide individual attention, coach, model, and teach skills needed to achieve goals, and facilitate opportunities to develop peer support in group settings. Our staff are also very involved in supporting parents to better understand and cope with the behaviors exhibited by the child and connect parents with community resources. Staff meet with children in a variety of settings depending on the child’s need. Some of those settings are but not limited to, group outings to the park, bowling, movies, ball games, library, school, our after-school and summer day programs and Channel Marker’s Dorchester and Caroline Rehabilitation Centers.

Community Based Services


Individualized services are provided in the youth’s home, school or community. This is an opportunity for the youth to adapt new skills in a familiar environment. Emphasis is placed on skill development, enhancing self-confidence and establishing a network of natural supports. 


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Dr. Tia Bell, MSW, Youth Services Director



A Grant Funded Program


The Primary Project is a school based early/detection and prevention program. The program is designed to enhance learning and adjustment skills as well as maximize healthy school adjustment in preschool through third grade children. Primary Project is targeted primarily to children with evident adjustment problems in the mild to moderate range, not children with serious dysfunction. Through “supportive” play, the child’s individual goals are met in a safe environment, and their competencies, social skills, and strengths are reinforced. The key to Primary Project is to prevent problems rather than using more traditional and costly services that undo problems after they develop. This evidence based practice model was developed by the Children’s Institute of Rochester, New York in 1957. Over 600 school districts nationwide use the Primary Project. 

Primary Project is offered in Talbot County public schools. Grant funding sources have included the Talbot Family Network, The Women and Girls Fund, Christmas in St. Michael's and The United Fund of Talbot County. Current funding is provided by the Van Strum Foundation and an Anonymous Foundation. 

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