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Originally established as a psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults, the organization works toward reducing the stigma of mental illness by providing programs to enhance the functioning of individuals recovering from severe mental illness.  

In 1998, Channel Marker, Inc. began providing community based rehabilitation services for youth (family, school and community based support). Psychiatric rehabilitation services for youth are currently offered in Dorchester, Caroline and Talbot counties. We have also expanded our services to include the Primary Project in Talbot County schools. This program is funded by grants and donations.  Channel Marker, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and is a provider of service under the Maryland Public Mental Health System.  

While we are indeed a human services organization, the logo of Channel Marker is the lighthouse and the buoy representing the channel markers that help to lead the way for those on the water. Hence our saying "Like a marker on the Bay, we help each other find the way."

Our Mission

The mission of Channel Marker, Inc. is to promote mental health by providing prevention programs, rehabilitation and community services to individuals and their families.

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A Leader in the Provision of Preventive and Rehabilitative Mental Health Services in Maryland. . .


Board members and staff in partnership with our clients create a learning environment.

There is an atmosphere of acceptance, support, empowerment, compassion and empathy.

The leadership is responsive to the needs of the clients, families and community.

Clients realize their potential and are encouraged to establish community relationships and experience personal fulfillment.

Services are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of clients, family and community.

Leadership is provided by a diverse group of dedicated, competent people comprising the board and staff who believe in change, flexibility and stability.



Dedication to systematic and continuous improvement in the quality of services.


Sustain an organizational culture which supports creativity and change.


Contribute to the mission of the organization through our actions and conduct with one another.


Treat others with dignity recognizing the importance of diversity.


Serve and support clients and families in achieving their rehabilitation goals while respecting their choice to make decisions.


Encourage teamwork recognizing the valuable contribution of each member. Interdependency makes us stronger.


Top Row L-R

John McQuaid

Doris Mason

Steve Elliott

Milton Nagel

Second Row L-R

Katie Parks

David Jones - Foundation Board 

Addie Eckardt - Foundation Board 


John McQuaid - President

Doris Mason - 1st Vice President

Steve Elliott - 2nd Vice President
Wayne Cole -  3rd Vice President

Milton Nagel - Treasurer 
Katie Parks - Secretary

Garrett Fitzgerald, Esq.
Len Foxwell

Chad Hill

Ellen Jordan

Rebecca Loukides 

Delegate Johnny Mautz

Chet McWilliams, CLU, CHFC

Bob Willey, CPA 

​Steve Wilson


David Jones- President

Senator Addie Eckardt - Vice President

Charles H. Ireland - Treasurer

Debra P. Jackson - Secretary

C. Tolbert Rowe - Executive Director

Col. Walter Chase 

Steve Kullman

Ralph Starkey

​David Whaley